This is normal?

unity ask to open with safe mode and when I exit safe mode my all objects in my map is gone .
THIS IS NORMAL? or if I fix the bug it will disappear?

There are two things here.

  1. The reason Unity commonly asks about safe mode is that there is an error in a script when you last closed the project. The script might be a game script or it might be an Editor script. It’s safer to ask you than to assume and have an Editor script make a mess of your game. If you’ve not written any Editor scripts you can normally just “Ignore” the error, open up your scripts, find the problem and fix it.
  2. You will see that the name of the Scene in the Hierarchy is “Untitled”. It may be that Unity has created a new Scene and opened that. Find your original Scene (normally in a Scenes folder but I can’t see one in your Project window) and you should find all your objects in that. I see you’re also using Plastic SCM. perhaps a backup from there?