Thread Group Error using Sentis

I got the following error when using sentis:

Thread group count is above the maximum allowed limit. Maximum allowed thread group count is 65535.
together with a warning : Exceeded safe compute dispatch group count limit per dimension [129600, 1, 1] for Split

My input to my model is (1,1,1080,1920) // a grayscale texture
is the image too large for sentis or there are additional steps I need to do?

Thanks :wink:

Oups image must be too big.
Can you provide the model we’ll fix it our dispatches to handle bigger inputs.
In the meantime try a smaller input

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thank you!

Here is the model:

This is known internally as issues 188, 192, and 197

Hey, we have fixed this issue in the Sentis 1.4.0

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