Three errors that shouldn't be errors


I reimported an asset that has scripts that I am calling from my own script. Now I have three errors that really don’t look like errors.

error CS0123: A method or delegate BuyTurboManager.OnTransactionComplete(IOSStoreKitResponse)' parameters do not match delegate System.Action(IOSStoreKitResult)’ parameters

error CS0019: Operator +=' cannot be applied to operands of type System.Action’ and `method group’

error CS0428: Cannot convert method group OnTransactionComplete' to non-delegate type System.Action’. Consider using parentheses to invoke the method

For this line:

IOSInAppPurchaseManager.instance.OnTransactionComplete += OnTransactionComplete;

Look at the declaration for IOSInAppPurchaseManager.OnTransactionComplete, then look at the OnTransactionComplete method that’s being assigned to the delegate. The parameters much match exactly. Something changed in one of them.