Throw a lasso? Best approach?


For a game idea I'm thinking of I'd like to be able to have the player (probably FPS) throw a lasso around an object/enemy.

Just curios what ppl think would be the best approach graphically? A stock animation? Procedural mesh generation? Something simpler than meshes?

I guess for right now, I'd just be looking for something functional for a demo.

thanks for any comments

If you're going to be throwing the lasso from one distance only, probably one of the easiest (not necessarily best) approaches would be to use an animation. Keep in mind that this approach only works if you're doing the lasso-throwing from one distance only.

I really would reccomend you using animations, it is easier and cleaner, you also can use a gui texture as a sight point to locate your opponent and to catch it with the lasso. Remember that the succesfull games always care about the user experience, this is the difference between making good games and making addictive games.

Good luck with your game pickledzebra.