Throwing an object on input

I am making a game where the player combines chemicals to make compounds which they use to complete challenges. I have written a code for the combining of the chemicals. I have two global variables, “water” and “HP”(Hydrogen peroxide), both made of Hydrogen and Oxygen. I have a problem with one of my scripts- the script that allows the player to “throw” the vial of chemicals. The input of a key is suppose to send the chemical vial (with rigidbody) flying in the direction the player is facing (first person). I need variables like “speed/power” and “Rigidbody” (for what the vial mesh is). I am decent with JavaScript, but know nothing about C#. I attempted this code, but I cannot figure out the vector () or any other force related commands. Can someone please try and explain either the Vector () command with examples, How I might approach this problem, or just explain to me how they would do the code?

This is URGENT!!! I need it done by Sunday march 15th 2013.

also, I don’t just want code. If you do give me code, can you explain what you did so I can learn from it?

I am really clueless to how to start this! I have read the Unity page on the Vector command.

-Thanks in advance

Assuming you have a “player” that will be the source of the vial, you could do something like what’s posted below. This will create a vial at the player position (centered) and throw it along the z axis with a force of 1 (vial’s mass will determine how effective this is). This was all typed in here so there may be some typos, but that is the gist.

    var temp = Instantiate(nameOfVialPrefab, new Vector3(transform.position.x, transform.position.y, transform.position.z), transform.rotation);

    temp.rigidbody.AddForce(0, 0, 1f);

Hey, Guys!

Check my asset called Throw Control.

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