Throwing an object with touch in Ipad/Iphone

I am developing a game for Ipad where the main Character has unlimited apples to throw against his enemies. The Character moves around very well with touches and gestures. Now, I want the character throw the apples one by one against the enemies also with touches on the screen. I have seen a lot written in this forum about similar scenarios but none of them have solved the cases. So far, I know that I have to work touching the Character while is idle during 2 or 3 seconds as a signal to prepare the throw, with an appropriated direction and force to get close to the enemies using a shootVector = originalPosition draggedPosition, but I have tried several ways of implementation with no success.

Anyone could help me clearly on this?

I got a solution: it could be several. I worked out on my initial idea and I solved it.

No! It is not yet solved. Although the Character throws projectiles (apples in my case) they are released in an uncontrolled manner. Any further help will be welcomed!

I noticed that someone, possible a moderator (or maybe an un-moderator) wrote my this:

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What I wanted was an answer and I did not get it on this questions. Your cynical expression about a bounty in nothing benefits this kind of forums where people like you makes doubt persons like me in placing questions: arrogant individuals damage the potential of helping Unity community.

you only need to cast the part of the selecting object, then the dragging of this object, then using the ending of your touch having its position, with the last 2 positions of the object make the equations to get its position and the vector3 velocity and with this you can throw the object

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