Throwing objects with a fixed joint?

I want to use a joint (and I don’t care if it’s fixed/configurable joint) to pick up and drop objects, similar to Garry’s Mod. I can drop it by setting the connectedBody on my fixed joint to null in script (C#, by the way). But when I spin real fast and release, it just drops, doesn’t get “tossed”. How to do this?

The physics system is great for roundish things rolling and bumping around. But remember it’s just using tricks to fake it. Anything complex, like your “hammer throw,” you’re going to have to step in and tell it what to do.

I think that if you spin clockwise and let go, the object should fly to your right. So, when you let go of the object, set hammer.rigidbody.veocity=transform.right*30; or use 3*spinSpeed, for example, to go faster as you spin faster.

Then, you may want to also add in your own speed (if you run while spinning?) or give it a small tweak (in case directly right looks funny.) Maybe use hammer.rigidbody.velocity=rigidbody.velocity + (transform.right*30-transform.forward*4);.