Thrustmaster T.Rudder Not Found On Unity's Input System Package

Hi, I’m using ThrustMaster Joystick Flight pack and noticed that one of the parts is not registered in Unity’s Input System. The ThrustMaster Pack has the following controllers:

  1. ThrustMaster T.16000 FCS
  2. ThrustMaster T.16000 Throttle
  3. ThrustMaster T.Rudder Pedals

One out of the three mentioned above does not have an Input Action Listener and that is the T.Rudder Pedals. It does however register as one of the inputs in the Throttle if it is connected into the Throttle, but when act as a standalone which uses a custom usb dongle from ThrustMaster, it will not show at all as an Input Action. As an additional info, the T.Rudder Pedals as a standalone does get recognize by the system and have showed in ThrustMaster Control Panel.

My question is:

  1. Does Unity still have not registered the T.Rudder Pedals in the Input System as a standalone?
  2. If so, when will and in what version of Unity will the T.Rudder Pedals be registered?
  3. If it is still a long time, is there a way to make Unity recognized it as an Input Action such as building a custom listener? And if there is a way to do that, where in the Unity manual I can find the method of doing so?


I’ve escalated your questions to our developers and this is what they got back to me with:

"We don’t officially support Full Flight Stick Setups at the moment, especially not when using custom dongles, we only do basic HID stuff for joysticks

We might at some point start supporting it but not any time length that we would reasonably ask our users to wait for"

Apologies if this is not what you were expecting and if you have any other questions or need help feel free to ask!