Tick Time Manager?

Hi all,

I wanted to ask how you guys do your tick/time control in your game? My game is designed to trigger 10 ticks per second, so each 0.1s and do game related calculations ever tick (and then more complex calculations ever “master tick” which would be every 10th tick aka every second).

I wondered if there’s already some professional asset in the asset store as I couldn’t find anything, e.g. something that manages these ticks, allows me to cue actions/callsbacks, etc. Doesn’t seem too hard to code a basic version, but I recall that a proper one will eat quite many days.

How do you guys do that in your game, or what asset do you use?


Depends a lot on th engine.
Unity supply an easy way to do this, due to fixed updates.

One way is to start a thread and make it wait 0.1 second, make a counter that goes ++ each time the thread activate. When the counter is 10 or greater do master calculation and either reset counter or -10.

Or with unity
Edit → Project Settings → Time
Set fixed timesteps to 0.1 (note you need to use fixed updates for this to work.). And make a counter that when it hits 10 activate some master calculation.