Tile Generation with collider2D's

I would like to make a bunch of Tiles(on a platformer). However my efforts to make a working collider are manual and thats a hindrance to my workflow and it will ruin the way the game works to some degree(in script and gameplay)… I wanted to know if there was a way to make tile colliders effectively… in script… without the catching corner glitch that Box2D has.

I have 3 choice from what I deducted by myself but they are all pretty bad unless somebody can help me fix them.

  1. Use a bunch of BoxColliders on one game obj… Con; The Corner catching glitch. Possible fix; Make the BoxCollider big enough for more tiles.
  2. Edge Colliders, Using a bunch with a concave edge center where the player will reside. Con; I have no way to figure out the exo and interior of the edge donut that would be a room inside a script. Possible fix; No possible fix without somebody actually having a idea where to start first.
  3. Similar to BoxCollider but with PolyColliders… No Con;No glitch… Same Possible Fix. But I have no idea on how to tackle that like the Edge Collider because complications of actually approximating a shape inside and out easily and accurately.

What the unity team could do…
Actually have a function to deduct shape or merge a bunch of shapes into one PolygonCollider2D/EdgeCollider2D.

I had to suck it up and use box colliders for every tile, Later on though I’m going to fix this with neighbor checks and stretch the size of the colliders to reduce the amount, Because right now there is too many box colliders but it works fine anyway, I think the unity team may have fixed the glitch, but I do hit phantom bumps when sliding on circles, I compensated with a harsher gravity to reduce the appearances of the bumps. All is well.