Tiled GPU perf. warning problem

I can’t seem to get rid of this "Tiled GPU perf. warning: RenderTexture color surface (284x160) was not cleared/discarded, doing " no matter what I do.

Funny thing is, this warning appears only when I’m looking at “Scene” view and does not appear when focused on “Game” view.

As this warning appears when using graphics emulation, I could turn it off but ignoring such issues may cause problems later on.

Any thoughts or help would be appreciated.

RenderTexture.MarkRestoreExpected() is a method you’d want to look around, but thing is, it says that it’s a costly operation and it’s suggested to actually fix these things, because you’ll gain quite a lot of frames, if you fix it.

Thread adressing this problem. Read up on here and try one or two things suggested here. As people say - it’s better to fix it, than to ‘hide’ it and forget about it.

Follow in Unity Editor: Edit → Graphic Emulation → No Emulation.
No issues will be created.

This occurs when the platform you are developing on can’t handle the rendering levels required. To solve this, you may uncheck ambient occlusion and motion blur in post-processing. Instead you could use baked occlusion maps.
ps: turning off emulation won’t solve the problem. ,This is occurs when the graphics calculations are too much for the platform you are developing in. To solve this you need to turn off motion blur and ambient occlusion in post-processing. Instead you could use baked occlusion maps.