Tiled2Unity colliders are not perfect squares?

so i made this in Tiled and then exported it to unity using Tiled2Unity:

i made square colliders in Tiled that should be 26x30 each on everything that are floors, walls and roof exept for other objects that are decoration. but when i export it to unity the colliders take another shape instead of the square one.
i didnt see this as such big of a deal but when the player tried to go up on a ledge while touching a wall he would either bounce off the wall or be stuck unless gravity pulls him back down. this is because of the colliders that arent square.

so, how do i make it so unity reconizes the colliders as “perfect squares”?
(in this case, 26x30 “perfect” square)

It sounds like you are using a character controller that depends on every collider to be a rectangle? If so, I’d put my energy into fixing that.

Tiled2Unity was purposely written to merge colliders into (a much smaller number of) polygons and there is not way to stop that from happening unless you download the code (It’s free! On Github.) and edit it for your specific needs. One warning though, I can’t imagine a scene of that complexity pictured above performing well with what will be thousands of separate box colliders! (That’s why I wrote this tool.)

EDIT TO ADD: One thing that may help (it really comes down to the code that controls how your character collides against your map) is using the “Convex Polygon Colliders” option in the latest versions of Tiled2Unity. There are some custom character controller on the Unity Asset Store that people use that only work with convex polygon colliders, which kind of sucks, but at least Tiled2Unity can make up for that.