Tilemap brush doesn't allign with the mouse, it is offset by a huge amount

Hi guys,

Every now and then my tilemap brush suddenly becomes massively offset from where the mouse is positioned - i.e. where it should be. I’ve taken a screenshot, but by default it doesn’t show the mouse in it - in this particular picture, the mouse is directly above the red-headed character. You can see the white square is where the brush paints the tile.

If I move the mouse down a square, the white box also moves down, but with the same offset on the X axis.


The brightly coloured pink tiles are not a bug, fyi, they are intentionally that colour!

The only solution to this offset that I have found is to close Unity and reopen it.

I appreciate this is almost certainly a bug, but I can’t find any other reports of it anywhere. Does anyone have a workaround?


I think I may have found the problem.

When I reopened Unity, I found that the problem persisted. It turned out that the tilemap I was working on had had it’s transform’s x and y coordinates moved, whereas all the other tilemaps’ x and y coordinates were set to zero.

Upon re-aligning them, I found that the problem dissapeared.

This happened to me and your comment really helped me figure it out, thank you so much!