Tilemap Colliders not working with custom tile

I have a simple scene with a player with gravity and a tilemap with a tilemap collider. I also have a custom Tile named ground. The colliders on the ground seems to not work! I also can’t see a green outline in the editor, so i think the issue is with the tiles themselves.

I’ve had this problem, I extended the Tile class for my custom tile and overriden the GetTileData function.
I forgot t o call the base function, after doing so it works

public override void GetTileData(Vector3Int location, ITilemap tilemap, ref TileData tileData)
        base.GetTileData(location, tilemap, ref tileData);
        /// rest of your code

I think there is a bug. After adding the Tilemap Collider2d I had to change the rendering layer of the tilemap, I was then able to switch it back to my original setting and it worked like a charm.

If anyone else experiences this and they know how to file a bug report please do, I would but I’m still not sure I had nothing to do with my issue.

@Xmann1 @phoenixarka

I had this problem and fixed it by setting the collider type. (I’m extending TileBase, not Tile)

tileData.colliderType = Tile.ColliderType.Sprite;