Tilemap Event

So i am trying to add a script to a specific tile. I have a rock tile in which when i click on it for a set amount of seconds, it will ‘break’ (switch into another tile). I don’t know how to create an event as to say:

If mouseclick on tilemap collider for (time) switch sprite to (sprite).

Oh my i’ve been searching for this for a long time i hope someone understands and is able to help.

Hi guys,
Hope is not too late.

I’ve just released a package on Github that permits you to create events on the tilemaps.

The documentation is still under construction and the package is still in beta but I hope you can give me good feedback to improve it.

This is the Github URL: GitHub - NTWalkers/unitytilemapevents: Unity plugin that enables the events creation capability for the Unity native 2D Tilemap feature.
And this is a little guide I wrote: https://ntwalkers.it/2018/10/05/unity-tilemap-events/