Tilemap Grid Broken?

Hi all, it looks like my Tilemap Grid broke sometime in the last few days (maybe the latest update?). Looking to confirm if this is a Unity bug or if I did something wrong.

Here’s the grid working properly without a Grid component attached to it:

Then I select the parent GameObject for my tiles, which has a Grid component, and I get:

Selecting the other actual Tilemap Instances seems to only show outlines of their size and covered area.

In the Gizmos menu, Grid is checked and I’ve tried checking and unchecking it multiple times.

Literally while writing this question I figured it out. Figured I’d finish posting the question and answer it for future me or others in this spot.

To fix it, I selected an actual Tilemap GameObject (has a Tilemap component and Tilemap Renderer + related colliders) and then zoomed out to an extreme distance. Then I pressed F to focus the GameObject selected (with the Tilemap GameObject still selected) and it zoomed in and literally fixed itself…

I have no idea what causes this, but I’ll update if I find it?