Tilemap Player destroy tile on contact

I am looking for information about how to use the more advanced options on a tile map.
What I am trying to find is help with destroying one tile a time from tilemap.
The game player is a farmer ploughing a field, a green tile map, as he ploughs the green tile needs to change to brown(mud).
Can someone point me in the direction of some tutorial so I can learn how to do this. Would prefer not a youtube video but if that is the only option I will use.

I fiddled around a little and made this little script. Add it to the tilemap and set Destroyed Tile to the tile you want to be displayed. The Tilemap must have a Tilemap Collider 2D on it as well. Then click the mouse on the tilemap when playing the game to see the effect in action.

using UnityEngine;
using UnityEngine.Tilemaps;

public class TilemapDestroyer : MonoBehaviour
    // How destroyed tiles should look.
    public TileBase destroyedTile;

    Tilemap tilemap;

    void Start()
        tilemap = GetComponent<Tilemap>();
    void Update()
        if (Input.GetMouseButton(0))
            // Mouse pos to tile pos
            Ray ray = Camera.main.ScreenPointToRay(Input.mousePosition);
            RaycastHit2D hit = Physics2D.Raycast(ray.origin, ray.direction);
            Vector3Int pos = tilemap.WorldToCell(hit.point);

            // Replace tile with destroyed tile
            tilemap.SetTile(pos, destroyedTile);