[Tilemap] sprite is wrong angle


When importing my sprite into unity, the Tilegrid pallete previews is not the correct angle

see picture

I made the sprite using 60 degree guides - so afaik it should line up perfectly… Any tips?

I was using “True Isometric” angles, not Diametric Angles.

“The form of dimetric projection commonly used in video games and pixel art. Only two of the angles separating the x, y and z axes are the same, and only some of the lengths of the cube’s edges are equal. The expression arctan(sin(30°)) is equal to ≈26.565° and forms a 2:1 pixel ratio.” - Read more

So in my case with guidelines in the image processor i set the 1st guide to:
(-90 + -26,565) -116,565 degrees
and the second on to:
(90 - 26,565) 63,435 degrees