Tiles I uploaded are blurry in game window

My tiles I uploaded are fine in the scene screen, but when you look at them in the game window they look blurry for some reason. Anybody know a fix for this? Thanks!

If anyone else is banging their head against the wall someday: Look at your tile image in the Inspector, and set “Filter Mode” to “Point (no filter)”. That way Unity won’t auto-blur the tile edges.

Make sure the graphics quality is set to as high as it can go. You may want to manually change the texture res. Make sure it is set to full. This is important. Everything else should be set up right by default on the highest quality setting.

You can change quality settings by going to edit > project settings > quality

I think I figured it out. I had the Scale slider in the Game window set to 3x, but when I change it to 1x, the images on the Game window look clear and clean. So it seems it was just the camera that was causing the issue.