Tiling 2D Planes

I'd like to set up a run and jump game, but I am having trouble setting up platform tiling.

With every technique I've used, I run into massive, insurmountable tiling issues. I have tried setting up the level tiles as both 2D planes with box colliders and textures, and as SpriteManager2 sprites, ditto with box colliders.

The issue I am having is that regardless of the technique I use, when I spawn a new gameobject, or simply move an old one, the sizes/positions never match up. Am I missing a simple technique for this? Or the arcane knowledge to code it?

Either way,I would like a reply with a litte more detail than 'use Tiled' or 'use an array'. The issue here is that I cannot get the ground tiles to even tile up... reading them from an array is not going to help me... is it?

I'm willing to invest in tutoring time or example code for this, so don't be shy!

That's a bit vague...what do you mean by "not match up"? If you put a cube which is 1 unit large at location 0,0,0 and then another cube (also 1 unit large) at location 1,0,0 then it would match perfectly on the x axis with the first cube.

If someone is frustrated as I was that this is not answered, I’ll do my best.

The issue is that SpriteManager wants you to use PixelPerfect + AutoResize options, but you can turn those off in order to size the sprite to whatever you like, rather than crazy decimal values. Turning off those 2 options makes a huge difference in how your sprites look in-game, they match up much closer to what you’re seeing in the editor. This allows you line up tiles for a 2D game, but if AutoResize is turned on, that is basically impossible.