Tiling materials on a cube.

I’m in dire need of help on how to go about tiling a material on a cube. The problem with Unity’s system is that you’ll always have one side which will can be stretched. How would I go about essentially tiling each face differently? I’d prefer it if this was possible using UV wrapping.

The material on the cube can have its Tiling set but thats for all faces if you don’t have a submesh for each face. You might need to procedurally generate the mesh and look into submeshes. This should help you make a quad(2 polys), Just make 6 sides(Quads) for a cube mesh. Use 6 Materials on the mesh, A Mat foreach face(submesh). The tiling part can be accomplished on the Materials inspector as (Base (RGB) Tiling). You will need to also make sure the texture can loop(wrap)(In the textures inspector).

You could also simulate tiling by just generating more smaller quads for each tiling space.

Hope this helped some!