Tiling textures in Unity for Iphone?

I only have access to standard Unity right at the moment, but my boss is working with Unity iPhone. She seems to be having some difficulty getting textures to tile properly, even though they tile fine in standard Unity. Is there a difference in tiling method between Standard and iPhone? If so, could I get a simple walkthrough on what the differences are?

The iPhone has very limited precision when it comes to UVs, so you can't let them get too far out of the 0..1 range before you start getting artifacts. For example, instead of having a square plane made of a single quad (two triangles) where the tiling is set to 100 (which makes the UVs go from 0..100), you may have to break that up into 10x10 quads where each quad has the tiling go from 0..10. I'm not sure what the limit is exactly, so that example might not be completely accurate.

I haven't heard that there are any differences in this area*.

Just make sure that the "Wrap Mode" on the texture's inspector settings is set to "repeat" and not "clamp".

You should then be able to adjust the "Tiling" settings for the material in question, and the texture will repeat.

*edit - except for the reduced precision problem which I have now heard of thanks to Eric5h5's answer :-)