Time class == null in Unity 4.3

Whenever I attempt to access Time.deltaTime, or any other member of Time, I get null. Prints, math, etc. with Time don’t work. This is my code (below), but I also tried using the Scripting Reference Example code, and that didn’t compile either. If anybody else has encountered this problem and has a solution or information that I could use, it would be much appreciated

var go : boolean;
var pages : int;
var times = new Array();
var average :double;
var disTime : String;
var sec : int;
var min : int;
var hour : int;

function Start () {


function Update () {

	sec += Time.deltaTime;
	GetComponent(GUIText).text = "" + sec;


deltaTime is a float. You’re trying to use it to increment sec, which is an int. Try making sec a float (and also call ToString() in the Update function)