Time.deltatime as whole number?

Hello, Can anyone point me in the right direction of making my “currentMana” to countdown as an integer rather than a float. I’m using Time.deltaTime to regenerate the mana and wondering whether I can take a certain value off every second or convert the output to a whole number.

var currentMana : float = 100.0;
    var maxMana = 100.00;
    function Update()
    	//Normal Mana regeneration
    	if(currentMana >= 0)
    		currentMana += Time.deltaTime;

var currentMana : int = 100;
var startTime : float = 0f;

function Start()
  startTime = Time.time;

in Update:

currentMana = 100 - (Time.time - startTime);

You want to “output” a float as a whole number, try currentMana.ToString(#) where # is the String format, I believe a # sign will show the whole number