Time.deltaTime using Hindi numbers?

I am converting my app into Hindi and I have the text almost done, but I could use some light onto translating the numbers. In my app, the score increasing by a certain amount every second, and that score is displayed on the screen. Is there a way to get Time.deltaTime to render Hindi numbers? Any ideas?
Let me know if you need to see some of my code.



Time.deltaTime is a float - it’s not specific to any language or numeric system. However, when you display it on screen you cast it to a string, and it’s at that point that you need to do the culture-appropriate conversion.

Not a Hindi speaker, so don’t know the specifics but a cursory Google search suggests that Hindi numerals (Devanagri) for 0-9 are stored in Unicode values ‘\u0967’ to ‘\u096F’. So does this print correctly for you?

char[] Hindi = {'\u0967', '\u0968', '\u0969', '\u096A', '\u096B', '\u096C', '\u096D', '\u096E', '\u096F'}  ;
yourTextValue.text = Hindi[2].ToString();