Time synchronization with Netcode

Hi there. I need to have a simple sync time for server and clients.
I have gameobjects that has constant velocity. And i spawn - despawn them with server. But since they are not spawned at exact same time (because of the lag) i can’t fix their positions.
My approach is this :
1- When each object spawned, they sent an RPC to server for sync the position.
2- Server send an rpc to object that say "You are at (x,y,z) position at NetworkManager.ServerTime)
3- When object take this rpc, it will look at their Server.ServerTime and calculate the difference.
4- Set this object position = The pos that taken from server + velocity * time difference from server

But it’s not working on high ping values. So i think i can fix it with syncronized time with server. Is there any way to create sync timer with netcode?