Time.timeSinceLevelLoad Never Hits "1"

I have the following `if` statement in my code: `if(Time.timeSinceLevelLoad == 1)`. However, the condition is never true. The only reason I can come up with as that `Time.timeSinceLevelLoad` is updated so quickly, it never actually hits all numbers, namely 1. How do I remedy this?

The problem is it's updating as a floating point, so it'll add 0.01524 or some simialar value every frame so the chance that the value is exactly 1 is really small.

If you did, and you should do

if(Time.timeSinceLevelLoad >= 1)

It'll run once 1 second has passed.

Note that'll keep running once 1 second has passed, so you'll need to add a Boolean flag or something to prevent it running again if that's your desired behavior.

You'd be better off not using this, and just using Invoke or yield WaitForSeconds, so you don't have to mess around with checking stuff in Update.