Time Traveller!

Hi, im trying to do a “time traveller” game and i need some help if it’s possible and how to archieve my goal. I’ll explain:
I’m playing my 2D game with one char and when i press a key, my char and all the objects he spawned freeze ( like a pause menu ) and another char is spawned and this new one can collide with the object that the last one created.

Is it possible ? Is there any way to freeze one layer objects only ?
I’ll apretiate all help, Sorry for my english :smiley:

Diogo Costa

there are dozens of ways all of them require some work to implement
if you plan on traveling back in time then have fun with recording the motion of all desired objects and interactions that occurred over that time and somehow keeping that efficient.

But for simply freezing time it could just add a script to all objects that disables all time relevant components like rigidbody and such and then when your other character touches them the collision reactivates all those components