Timecale=0 stops joystick. can it not?

So I am trying to make a pause for the game I used timescale 0 in playmaker. It pauses some stuff and not others (the power-ups keep randomly popping up like normal). My vehicles (tanks) freeze. So all is OK.

The issue is that the UDLR on the joysticks stop working. The buttons do work. So on the popup menu I only can use the buttons (ABXY) for options. I’d like to be able to use controller-1 UDLR for stuff. So my question is with timescale set to 0, is there a way to activate the UDLR on a controller?

I did try buying a time plugin but is sucked. It did the same thing playmaker did and was buggy. Also, I don’t think it fixed the issue anyways.

Time.timescale only affects objects that got something like time.deltaTime (which mostly acompany to stuff like transform.position += or RigidBody.AddForce()) in their script.