Timeline Activation Track but not showing

I set inactive to active for an object, in Hierarchy it shows that the object is active but the object not showing on my scene and game screen. Why??

Hi, looks like I’m 2 years late to this question ^^; Not sure if this is quite the same issue you’re having, but I just had that problem where I had text objects and the Hierarchy was showing them activating and deactivating but they were never showing up unless the Active clip was right at the beginning of the Timeline. To fix this, I went into the Inspector for the objects that weren’t showing up and unchecked that first check box right beside the name of the object. This makes it inactive to begin with, and so when the Timeline activates it, it actually works. I’m a bit of a beginner myself, so I’m not entirely sure why it works that way, but hopefully this helps :slight_smile: