Timeline + Animation Rigging different rotations in edit/play mode


I post here because I think it is Animation Rigging problem.

I have made a cut-scene with Animation Rigging constraints Chain IK + Multi rotation constrains as child of Chain IK.

In Edit mode all went good but when I play the same timeline in Play mode see that bones are in slightly different rotations in comparison with edit mode in the same frame.
As result the object is not fit to the camera when camera zoom the heat.

I have made some screens.

I tried Quaternion interpolation in timeline but nothing changed.

Thank you

Are all the axis to bone correlation correct?

Thank you for your replay. How I can check that ?

I am coming from the arena of human rigging.
First always check the date of the model, what product and version it came from and the Unity version. Just be aware because the development in its timeline is fraught with misconceptions, lack of standards or changing format standards.
I have been using Blender to investigate and analyze models and rigging.
There are disconnects between the model rigs of Autocad, Blender, Unity.
I have been fighting this battle for 2 years now and have found an answer.
I even bought a 2tb drive to house the models and projects that have grown beyond management.
I have Blender, Rigify, Rigify to Unity, Unity's Rigify to Unity, FastIk, FinalIk, Umotion and many models from CGtrader, Turbosquid and other model sites. When I started this adventure I did not realize the format or conversion mismatch.
One of the obvius in Unity is when in animation preview the model drops to ground level at the pelvis. This is because there is no root bone on the incoming model. This can be adjusted in the animation timeline but then you have a jumping, glitching model in your developement. Some animations do this others dont.
I disregarded every previous attempt when I saw this approach else where and exported just the mesh as an FBX from Blender to Mixamo.
Rig in Mixamo and save as Unity FBX.
I finally have finger rigs! but no jaw which I will pursue later.
Drop the downloaded FBX in your Unity project.
Then I use FinalIK for constraints and IK.
Moving a model around these three products will clobber some things but at this time it is all we have.
This might not be the answer you are looking for in respect to what you need but I hope you can see what you might need to avoid or this gives you insight into your next brick wall.
If I am missing something then by all means some one let me know.
This is not a thread hijack but an awareness announcement.
Any one reading this who has been in or now is in this will agree or thank me later.
We are on the cusp of standardization.
The single product microcosm is where most of the problems with rigging arise from.
Amazingly enough Mixamo does a great job of format conversions. But if you import an FBX with a rig Mixamo wont rerig it. It will give you the rig option if there is no incoming rig.
This is just my two cents and letting everyone know the trial.
There are more headache postings than solutions on the web. There are some really pissed off devs. Of course if you work for a production house under a budgeted schedule you are screwed.
Welcome to the fray.
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Thank you very much bro !!!! Thank you. This is very very helpfully

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I put 2 more links in previous post.

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