timeline crash in play mode after upgrade from 2017 to 2018

i’m try to upgrade my project in 2017 to 2018 to use LWPL and it work fine. but when i click play my cutscene timeline (contain animations, particles, no sound) start crash. when i disable that time, every thing fine.
i try to remove timeline asset and add it agin but it not woking.

I would suggest filing a bug, I don’t think there aren’t any known issues related to upgrading, and it definitely shouldn’t crash.

Oh thank @seant_unity for your suggestion, I try to disable game object 1 by 1, finally it seem to be lighting. 1 of them (lighting and timeline) has to disable. It hard to understand why timeline has something to do with lighting in the scene?. because they both can’t enable together. and one more more option that i found in order to run with lighting without crashing and is remove my animation clip in timeline. that all i’ve been try.