Timeline - preview Animator States transition

Timeline is great!
We have achieved a somewhat decent workflow for it for our tutorial but we still need an additional feature.
We need to preview the animator transitions and states in the timeline 6071913--658389--upload_2020-7-9_17-15-39.png
What should we do? Should we create a custom playable script to achieve it? If so - then how to do it, as I have no recollection that the animator will show the current time and all of the runtime data visually in edit mode

Small update - it is indeed inpossible to update animator OnGui - it is always checks for Application.IsPlaying inside the UnityEditor.Graphs.AnimatorControllerTool . Until the engine part for the macanim editor will be fixed we have no other choice but to rely on custom Graphs. There are few other options for such state machines/behaviour tree on asset store - some of them have the ability to show/preview transitions and states in edit mode

If I understand correctly, you are trying to preview the animator in Edit mode, like timeline? Then, yes, unfortunately that is not supported.

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