Timeline question

Hello guys

I need some help as I’m really new to Timeline.

So I’ve been working on a 2D game that requires a cutscene at the end of the level, I can shortly describe the cutscene as the following:
“When the player collides with the ladder, he will slides down the ladder and then when he collides with the ground (Tiles) he walks to the house” (Very similar to the Mario bros ending cutscene after he collides with the pole).

So I created a Timeline, added animation clip and started recording player position of the starting point at Y = 6 and then he slides down until Y = 1. (distance of 5 units)

But what I really need from the cutscene is for the player to start climbing down the ladder starting from the collision point instead of the recorded (fixed) value?

Any advice how I can achieve that?

On your animation track, set the track offsets to ‘Use Scene Offsets’. The track will start playing from the current position instead of a fixed position. When authoring the track it uses the default scene position as the starting point.