Timeline send objects to zero position in play mode.

If I add a object to Timeline, timeline move object to (0,0,0) in preview mode.
It’s very annoying adding track offset field every time I add objects to play preview properly.

Weird things is that, if I did not filled track offset field and Play scene, their positions are totally random.

Some objects would play their animation on their original position in the scene while they play their animation on zero position in preview mode.

But some other objects play their animation after they moved to (0,0,0) position in play mode.

I check type of animation or model, root motion won’t affect this issue.

I fount that objects which have animator controller on their animator component will keep their position on play mode while all other objects to position (0,0,0).

I knew recording transform position and override other animation tracks will be solve this randomness issue but that’s not what I want, because it also override root motion.

Is this a bug? or timeline editor originally designed to send objects to zero position.

Hi, You can click on the animation on the timeline and change the position and rotation of the character or whatever object with animation.

You can also change the rotation also here. Just use the move or rotate tool inside that animation playable asset to move the object Or Manually give the position and rotation of the object.

As you mentioned, objects with an animator component will keep their position in playmode, and all others will start from the origin and use the track and clip offsets to determine their positioning.

We are currently making a change so the starting position is a track option instead of being determined by the existence of a controller.

I think i am having the same problem, I have one gameobject that when in timeline is at the correct coordinates, but when is in the game will be moved to (0,0). The other gameobjects are where the should

I came across with the same problem, and I fixed it with parent game object.
But, there is a small trick:
Create a new game object inside your problematic game object, the new game object gets the parent (0,0,0,) coordinates and this will be the origin coordinates.
Then, put the old game object as a child to the new one and make all the positions as you like.
Try a few times and you will get there.

I also had this issue when I was using Unity 2021.3.24f1 and I discovered this solution, it’s quite simple actually. You need to select the animation track (not clip) in the timeline editor and then in the inspector you will see the “Track Offsets” property set to “Apply Transform Offsets”. You need to change this to “Apply Scene Offsets” and it should work. Make sure to turn off and then on again preview in the timeline to allow it to refresh.