Timer Between Labels

Hi, I have a GUI Label and it has a fade-out effect. I want to give the first label time to fade before the second label comes up. How would I create a timer to do so?

There's multiple ways to achieve this, but it really depends on your fading.

  • How do you make your GUI label fade out?
  • What initiates the fading?
  • When you say GUI label, do you mean GUIText?
  • How do you make it fade?

Most likely you can use an animation that animates the fading for both labels.

Or you can use a simple script (assuming you call a function to start the fading). Here's some JS semi-pseudo code:

var label1 : Label;
var label2 : Label;

function Start()
  yield WaitForSeconds(2);

I think this is what you want.link text

And if you want a flash Label or some other control, you can write like this:

    private void OnGUI()
    if (Time.time % 2 < 1)
        if (GUI.Button (new Rect (10,10,200,20), "Meet the flashing button"))
                print ("You clicked me!");