timer not starting when i want!

I have the following code attached to a gameObject. I have a object that flies through hoops as a racing style game. I want the timer to start when the player goes through the first hoop (tagged StartHoop). However, the timer starts as soon as the level loads. I’m not sure why.

var startTime : float;
var textTime : float;

function onTriggerEnter ()
if (gameObject.tag =="StartHoop")
startTime = Time.time;
yield WaitForSeconds(destroyTime);

function OnGUI
var guiTime = Time.time-startTime;
var minutes : int = guiTime/60;
var seconds : int = guiTime% 60;
var fraction : int = (guiTime * 100) % 100;

textTime = String.Format("{0:00} : {1:00} : {2:00}", minutes, seconds, fraction);
GetComponent(GUIText).text = textTime;

Thanks in advance :slight_smile:

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