Timer triggers object to move down?

Hey Iam stuck a bit on the coding/programing. To move a object downwards after (invisible) 20 seconds. When the moving down object reaches a certain level on the y axes it should disappear/delete itself.(If this makes sense to anyone i would appreciate an answer as soon as possible thanks)

Have a look at the Script Reference. Keyword: yield. The rest should be easy to code.

so u want to wait 20 secs to move the object after the trigger is activated?

if that is the case then just use yield whenever u feel its necesary

function OnTriggerEnter(hit : Collider){

yield WaitForSeconds(20.0); // wait for 20 secs before going to the next line
gameObject.transform.Translate(0,0,2);// moves in z after 20 sec

hope this helps