Timescale Pause Combined with Animated UI

the passed days i’ve been creating my game, and set up the hole game with GUI. now i switched to UI since it is super cool stuff. Now i stumbled upon the fact that when i pause the game, i use Time.timeScale = 0.0F; so everything freezes. it didn’t effect the GUI buttons.
now i changed everything to UI, and the animation freezes allong with the rest of the game, which is normal, but how do i have to work arround it? i did stumble upon something called “realtimeSinceStartup” but i have no idea if it is a good salution or how to set it up.
thanks in advance.

also, i managed all the menus in 1 animator which starts at the start of the scene. i could change it, but just so you know.

I found the salution!
I found it here

and it accualy pritty simple, and i cant imagine i didn’t find this sooner…
salution, as a quote!

February 11 edited February 11

If you are using “time.timeScale = 0” for pause, then this must help;

Choose button/canvas/etc that you need → Animator → Update Mode → Unscaled Time

hope it will help anyone.