TimeSpan does the difference automatically count the minutes

Hey Everyone,
I have a line in my code that will find the difference between my last end time and my current start time. It will post the Debug line like this

“the difference is 12:15:27”

which is great. However, what I’m trying to figure out is when a new hour starts, if I create an IF STATEMENT, will the difference factor in the prior minutes as well. So I’m trying to see if I have a line like this

  If (diff.TotalMinutes > 60)
          do something here

where “diff” is a declared variable that I got by subtracting the two times.

I’m trying to figure out if the total difference is something like 01:12:15 (where that is clearly 72 minutes) would i need to convert that hour to a minute or does totalMinutes implicitely do that for me.

use Debug.Log(diff.TotalMinutes); to see what it is in the console