Timespan to int total seconds

Help please friends. In the post @Default117 resolve the cuestion, but i need convert the resul to int, the post is: http://answers.unity.com/answers/171314/view.html In this post the result of a time difference is obtained using a Timespan of the last time the time was saved when leaving and the start of the game, the result is a time in Timespan, I need to convert that result of the time difference in the number of total seconds in int. How can I make that conversion?

Referencing Microsoft’s documentation of TimeSpan, this illustrates what you can do:

TimeSpan i = new TimeSpan( 0, 0, 30, 25, 10 );

double s= i.TotalSeconds;

int n = (int) s;
int n2 = (int) ( s + 0.5 );

The second option suggests you could round the value to incorporate the fractional seconds appropriately, rather than truncate (the first example), or you can use Mathf.Round, or other means to round the double before casting it to an int.