Timestamp on Console?

Is it possible to get timestamps to show on the Unity IDE console?

I know this question is nearly 8 years old now, but since it’s the top Google result for “unity console timestamp”, it seems worth mentioning: the Unity console does in fact offer timestamps on log messages as a built-in feature.

To get them, simply open the Console tab’s options menu (click the “triple-bar” options button at its top-right corner) and select the Show Timestamp option. The timestamp is only precise to the second, so if you need e.g. milliseconds it looks like you still need to roll your own timestamp.

The built-in console does not track timestamps. However, you can hook into debug logging by using Application.RegisterLogCallback. From there you could write the log messages with a timestamp to a file for example.

Duck's suggestion might be more convenient, though, because you can layer it on top of the Unity console window - but this way, you can get timestamps for messages logged by the engine itself as well.

Checkout this for a complete solution: Unity: Debug.Log console messages with timestamp | The Rombos-Blog

just add this to some .cs file:

public class Debug
    public static void Log(object obj)
        UnityEngine.Debug.Log( System.DateTime.Now.ToLongTimeString() + " : " + obj );


no need to attach to gameobject and no need to modify existing code.
note: this will hide default unity Debug class and if you need other methods you might want to add them as well samely

No, Unity doesn't have this feature built-in. I had this requirement myself too, and I ended up writing my own "Debug" class named slightly differently (called "DebugX"), which adds timestamps to everything written.

While I was writing it, I also added the feature of writing lines to a text file within my assets folder, so I could easily see the debug lines without the additional stack trace data, making it easier to read. This might be a useful idea for you too!

Good luck!