TimeZoneinfo workarounds.

Hello, im having a huge problem that would be easy to solve if “System.TimeZoneInfo.GetSystemTimeZones ()” was working in unity, witch is not. This is the functionality im trying to achive :

given a offset for exemple : 3:00 i will check for all the matches in a list and return all the timezones Names with the specified offset. then it will check the daysaving time rules to check if if that timezone is applicable, it will display it.

i tried this https://zoneinfo.codeplex.com/ api. the problem is its throwing errors on its arrays that handle text, and i cant really figure it out. if you guys know another apis or a way to solve it i will be glad. im actually a week trying to solve this.

Since I´m develloping to android i got this “solution”. I got this script working in java. i will save the jar and get an android/unity bridge to get those two talking. Since i tested this code there in theory it will work. i just need to figure out the bridge then i will post something here.
I got it working. Basicly i created a JAR in android studio to get the timezones i need. then i created a C# script to access this jar. i can only pass Strings through it but its better than nothing. I hope unity fix this bug, or create some classes do adress the problem. This solution will only work on android mobiles.