Timing Between each Gun Shot

I have a script for shooting and it shoots way to fast. how can i change the fire rate?

Here is the script:

var projectilePrefab:Transform;
var projectile2Prefab:Transform;
var strayFactor : int = 2; //for example
var strayFactorAim : int = 0.1; //for example
private var aiming : boolean = false;

function Update() { 
       aiming = true;
       aiming = false;

    if(aiming == false){
       if(Input.GetButton("Fire1") ) { 
           var randomNumberX = Random.Range(-strayFactor, strayFactor);
           var randomNumberY = Random.Range(-strayFactor, strayFactor);
           var randomNumberZ = Random.Range(-strayFactor, strayFactor); 
           var projectile = Instantiate(projectilePrefab, transform.position, transform.rotation);
           projectile.transform.Rotate(randomNumberX, randomNumberY, randomNumberZ);
           projectile.rigidbody.AddForce(projectile.transform.forward * 10000);

    if(aiming == true){
        if(Input.GetButton("Fire1") ) {
           var randomNumberX2 = Random.Range(-strayFactorAim , strayFactorAim );
           var randomNumberY2 = Random.Range(-strayFactorAim , strayFactorAim );
           var randomNumberZ2 = Random.Range(-strayFactorAim , strayFactorAim );
           var projectile2 = Instantiate(projectile2Prefab, transform.position, transform.rotation);
           projectile2.transform.Rotate(randomNumberX2, randomNumberY2, randomNumberZ2);
           projectile2.rigidbody.AddForce(projectile2.transform.forward * 10000);

your problem is that you are using Input.GetButton so every frame you get a new projectile.

You need to refrain that:

var fireRate:float;
var timer:float;

if(Input.GetButton("Fire1") && timer <= 0){
    //Your shooting
    timer = fireRate;
    timer -= Time.deltaTime;
    timer = 0;

fireRate is the frequency of shooting, when shooting timer becomes fireRate and you shoot. Then next round timer is greter than 0 so you cannot shoot but timer gets decreased. This will be until timer is smaller or equal to 0.

If you release the button, then timer is 0 so you can shoot without waiting.

Check out my post here for my search for a better machine gun. I’m quite happy the way it turned out. It’s a bit tricky but very effective.

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