Tiny Bounce sprite 2d when collide with a wall (boxcollider 2D)

I like to make a wall bounce effect when sprite with rigidbody2d and boxcollider2d collide against a wall (a boxcollider2d) do a bounce effect but for a short time, when I put the material physic 2d with bounciness it does not stop moving. I try to add oposite direction add force, but still moving.

Set the value of the bounciness in your physics material 2D to something smaller.

Maybe try a value of 0.1 or 0.3 or something, play a little with the value until you have the desired effect .

Remember : “A value of 0 indicates no bounce while a value of 1 indicates a perfect bounce with no loss of energy.”

Here is a link to the documentation if you need more Informations.

[Unity - Manual : PhysicsMaterial2D] 1

thanks for your reply @The_Icaruz , I try that previously , but the player make a little move back continuosly , y try remove the drags and change on runtime de physics material bounciness but I dont have the effect that i want. I want the player make a quicly bounce and stops in the place.