tiny character controller

hi guys i have a good question about character controllers. Im making a game and in my game i have planets that are spheres and have an atmosphere but to make everything fit into one scene i need to shrink my character down. I found the size 0.005 to be the best but im using the locomotion character becuase i need to use physic character motor script to stay on the planet. All is good till i shrink him and it acts all weird and messed up im not shure how to reset all the codes to match the new size so the animations work and he dont move super fast. I thought since the original size was 1.00 in scale i could subtract 0.005 and get a differance of 0.995 and all i would have to do is subtract all the numbers in the codes to that to get the new numbers but it didnt work. so basically i just want to know how to fix the settings for the player to match the new spectations. plz any suguestions will be appricated.

You really don’t want to shrink your character if you are using physics - you want to keep him a real world size - so it sounds like you need to scale up your planets etc. Physics will be very odd if you do anything different.

ok so ill make it so the planet takes up the whole scene and ill call it that planets boundry and ill write a script that will make it so when the player gets so close to the boundry of the scene it will load a certain level so its like the player never left the scene the only problem i can see though how would i make it so when you go to the next seen and look back to the direction you came from you can see the planet still so the players will know where to go back and make it seem more realistic?