Tips for getting higher res textures

I am making a space game, and as such have sourced high res images from Nasa, in the region of 8k textures for Earth and Space. I have tried to combat Unity’s texture limit by modelling the spheres in Blender and UV unwrapping them, even using an Icosphere for the Earth however the textures still look pixelated in my game.

In the game I am flying over the Earth, are there any other tricks I can use to improve the appearance, perhaps with scale of the scene or some other methods?

Have you tried chopping the textures into smaller ones? E.G 1 x 8000 = 4 x 4000. Then re map the UVs? You could write a script to do this in Blender if you are comfortable.

How many textures do you have? If you have too many then memory will become an issue. You will need to generate LODs, the low res would use a small version of the texture. When you get close to the high LOD you load in the higher resolution mesh/textures using AssetBundles.


have you try to set ansio level to heigher in oder et get better looking at ground view
also you may change texture setting by selecting the images at the explorer (of unity enviroment ) and change the rosolution (1024 or 2048 … ) change also (bilinear or trilinear not point to have not pixelised image)