Tizen TPK- Unity builds but the tpk file is not there

I want to export my game for Tizen. Apparently i configured correctly. I click to build the tpk file and don’t get any errors. The box of build successefull shows but when i go to the folder the file is not there. This message shows in console

"/Users/pedrosavino/tizen-sdk/tools/ide/bin/tizen.sh cli-config -l

Starting cli-config


Finished cli-config


I don’t know what is happening! I’m using Unity 5.5.0 / MacOs Sierra 10.12.1
I want a solution for this!

I just resolved this problem last night myself.

In my case, there’s this " Deployment Target " at the player settings > Publishing Settings.

Click " Discover " and there will be a pop up window that lists the connected tizen device, make sure
you have a tizen phone with usb debugging connected to the computer.

Click the device id that appear there ( in “mobile” ), then close the window.

Build it again, and this time the tpk should be there under the “device” folder at your destination folder.

  • I don’t know if this affects or not, but make sure the connected device is the device that is used for creating certificate at tizen ide.

Hope that helps! @psavi