TMP_InputField Hide Mobile Input enabled but shows highlighting texts on Android devices

I have a TMP_InputField and simply want to hide the mobile input field that is right above the mobile device’s keyboard. I do so by enabling the “Hide Mobile Input” option on the Inputfield Component, which for the record, does hide the Inputfield on mobile devices. However, specifically on Android, when typing on the said inputfield, there is a text highlight on the area where the text would be on the Mobile Inputfield that I just set to be hidden. This ruins the experience that I am trying to achieve.
I have checked the community discussions and I think some users have stumbled upon the same issue, one in particular said that Unity Support had said that the bug will not be fixed. Out of curiosity, I checked Unity’s Issue Tracker and found 2 tickets that seemed to be exact issue I am having, but both are set as “Fixed” according to the tracker. I continued looking around for solutions but couldn’t find one.