TMP-Inputfield Multi-line settings behaviour

I have a basic “TMP_InputField” and was testing with multiline newline/submit options.

For both cases, I found that hitting “Enter” - at the line that is supposed to be the lowest - moves the caret 1 line lower than the configured “Line Limit” in the inspector (It is not possible to type other things however). Moreover, if I have text that occupies all the lines within the “line limit” and I hit “Enter” somewhere in the middle, the lowermost line of text will get deleted as it moves beyond the line limit. I feel this shouldn’t be the expected behavior, is there a way to stop this from happening? Also, when submitting the input field, a new line (in the same way as above) is added - while I would expect a new line only to be added with the “shift + enter” combo.

In summary:

  1. Both newline settings will add a “newline” that is 1 beyond the line limit if all the lines are being used. This new line at the bottom can’t be typed into but moves the layout of the text (as if there is a new line) and also can be clicked/moved into. If a new line is created in the middle of the text, the bottom line gets deleted. - I wish to disable this but don’t know how.
  2. Multi-line submit setting also adds a new line when hitting “enter” (submitting) the text. How do I stop this?